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img-02Just like the other 488 schools in the network of French schools abroad, the Lycée Alexandre Dumas in Moscow is a school that welcomes students of every nationality. Under the aegis of theAgence pour l’Enseignement Français à l’étranger (Agency for French Education abroad AEFE), like all the other French schools in 130 countries, the Lycée Alexandre Dumas offers its pupils schooling that adheres to and follows the French national curriculum.

The AEFE’s main missions are to ensure the continuity of state education for French children, to contribute to spreading French language and culture amongst foreign pupils and to strengthening cultural and scientific relations between French and foreign educational systems.

This unique schooling network means that its 320,000 students are sure to find a place in a French school, wherever their families have to move around the world, to study to similar syllabuses and standards. The AEFE’s schools stand out for the high standards of the teaching, the quality of the pedagogical methods and equipment and for the individualised academic monitoring and support.

Thanks to the outstanding results of our students in the end of secondary schooling exams, as well as in the language tests, the Lycée Français Alexandre Dumas in Moscow has earned international reputation.

Altogether, about 1,400 pupils attend our classes from Petite Section of Infant school to Terminale, the equivalent of Upper 6th form / 12th grade. The curriculum eventually leads our students to the Baccalauréat, the qualification required for secondary school students to apply for French higher education organizations.

Our school strives for excellence in five areas defined by our school project, namely Foreign languages and cultures, Mathematics and experimental sciences, Drama and literature, Sports and well-being, and Citizenship.

Our school strives for excellence in five areas defined by our school project, namely:

  • the spreading of French language and culture
  • modern and effective methods and equipment in the scientific and technical subjects
  • early and innovative language teaching, with additional classes
  • learning about citizenship and civic responsibilities, included in the School Life project
  • the pursuit of excellence in post-Baccalauréat higher education applications

In addition to our goals of academic excellence and sharing, we also wish to promote the pleasant studying and convivial atmosphere that all our community enjoys within our school. We are also keen on playing our role as a model of innovation, dynamism and to open ourselves to our host country, Russia. For our students, who are to become tomorrow’s ecomonomic, scientific, political, administrative and cultural players, schooling within the frame of the AEFE is an opportunity not only for pleasant memories but also for the maintaining of international friendships and contacts through the AEFE alumni association.

We hope that this website will meet your expectations. We are available to welcome you personally.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

Conseillères principales d’éducation

Sandrine REY



tel. +7 495 627 04 70

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